Time Allocation

Our STEM lessons are prepared so that they can be implemented in one lesson, so they have a time limit of 45 min. Each lesson can be extended by extending student experiments and projects.


Annotation Welcome students and presentation of the lesson. Introduction to individual phases of the lesson according to the pedagogical framework. Mutual introduction of students and their expectations and needs.

Time allocation: 0 - 5 mins.

Realise - Theoretical Preparation

Annotation Theoretical preparation for experiments and individual work of students. The lecturer has the main role, students are informed about the aims of the teaching and theories related to the selected topic.

Time allocation: 10 mins.

Experiment - Practical Preparation

Annotation Practical preparation for individual work of students. The lecturer leads experiments, students under his supervision work on sample IoT projects related to the topic of the lesson.

Time allocation: 10 mins.

Apply - Students Projects

Annotation The teamwork of students on selected IoT projects. The lecturer is a mentor, it helps students with the choice of projects (considering the knowledge and skills of students and time allocation). Students in teams work on designing, creating and preparing presentations of IoT projects. In the case of a small amount of time, the Ideation method can be used at this stage.

Time allocation: 10 mins.

Reflect - Projects Presentations

Annotation Students present their IoT projects or ideas to others. The lecturer and other students critically evaluate the ideas presented and think about the importance of project outputs and lesson topics, including the importance of the Internet of Things in the real world.

Time allocation: 10 mins.

Assessment and Conclusion Of Lesson

Annotation Verbal evaluation of the presented projects by the group. Recapitulation of the fulfilment of teaching objectives by the lecturer Knowledge test and 3-2-1 assessment.

Time allocation: All modules: 0 - 5 mins.

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