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Didactic Tools and Environmental Demands

Classroom equipment

  • Equipment enabling different classroom arrangement according to individual phases:
    • REALISE: Classic classroom layout
    • EXPERIMENT and APPLY: Lecturer workplace and 3 teams for teams with proportional representation of students
    • REFLECT: An arrangement in a circle or classic classroom arrangement
  • Projector or large format TV
  • Flipchart
  • HW equipment:
    • A computer connected to the Internet (at least one for the lecturer, preferably separate computers for the lecturer and 3 groups)
    • Smartphone connected to the internet (mins. one for lecturer, better separate phones for lecturer and 3 groups)
    • HARDWARIO IoT Kit Sets:
      • Start Set
      • Control Set
  • SW equipment:
    • www browser, we recommend Chrome
    • HARDWARIO Playground

Didactic tools

  • Basic stationery (papers, post-its, markers)