The aim of the Indoor Climate Quality lesson is to present this attractive topic from multiple perspectives. Students create and program devices for measuring CO2 concentration. Based on practical experiments, they can more easily realize and remember the causes and consequences of the poor indoor climate. At the same time, in an engaging form, they will explore the STEM elements used - biology, the Internet of Things, electronics, 3D printing programming.
The lesson can be used in 3 modules. The 2H module has a grant of 2 lessons (each 45 mins.). 4H module 4 hours and 8H module 8 lessons.


  • The text in italics is supplementary information. In the case of the presentation of these blocks, the time allocations are likely to be exceeded.
  • Important! This block of information is considered important for introducing students and is usually part of the knowledge test
Time allocation: 2H Module: 2 x 45 mins. 4H Module: 4 x 45 mins. 8H Module: 8 x 45 mins. Form: Present Keywords: #Internet_of_Things #Indoor_Air_Quality #CO2 #Python
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